The Washington School for Girls actively recruits 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and a limited amount of 6th and 7th grade students. Help your daughter become a courageous young woman by enrolling today!  

Application Process


In order to ensure that WSG can meet the needs of each student, the application process is comprehensive. WSG accepts applications for the following school year beginning in September of the current school year, and admissions are made on a rolling basis. Enrollment is usually completed by the end of May. However, many grades, particularly 6th and 7th, are filled by February or March. WSG does not accept new students into the 8th grade.


All applicants must:

1. Submit the application, including one written essay from the student and one from the parent/guardian. This can be completed online OR by typed or handwritten hard copy


2. Provide recent standardized test scores, report cards, and any relevant student support documents such as an Individualized Education Plan

3. Provide a recommendation from a current school teacher

4. Provide verification of income

5. Participate in placement testing

6. Applicants for 3rd-5th grades must complete a shadow day

7. Participate in a personal interview of both the student and parent/guardian


At the time of the application interview, parents/guardians will be asked to commit themselves to active support of the entire WSG program. In cases where a parent/guardian is not able to complete these obligations, another relative or adult will be sought to support the student in her school life at WSG.



All students who are accepted to WSG will receive a scholarship. In all cases, parents are expected to pay an annual activities fee of $350.00 and provide the complete school uniform. All families must pay submit this payment per academic year from July - June. This payment of $350.00 is due by January 29, 2021. See breakdown of payments below. 

1 student - $350 Annually
2 students - $580 Annually
3 students - $690 Annually
4+ students - $800 Annually 

8th grade students owe an additional $100 fee for their high school prep and graduation materials. 


In order to streamline our fees, WSG has adjusted the annual fee to a flat rate. Families will no longer pay additional supply or technology fees. The only additional fee currently is the 8th grade Graduation Fee. When WSG resumes in-person instruction, special field trip fees may still be issued. 

During the school year, students will be asked to contribute toward the cost of some extracurricular activities such as field trips and other incidentals. 


Any exceptions to the above or requests for deferred payments must be made to the Head of School or Principal.


The full tuition at WSG is $18,000 per year. All students receive a scholarship to cover the cost beyond the $350.00 collected in the annual activities fee. Scholarships are provided by donations from numerous foundations and generous individuals.

DC Opportunity Scholarship


WSG is a proud participant in the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. The program provides scholarship vouchers to DC residents who meet specific income requirements.


WSG encourages all applicants who are DC residents to apply for the DC Opportunity Scholarship before enrolling at WSG.

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