Admissions FAQs

Facts & Figures


What grades does the Washington School for Girls (WSG) teach?

WSG teaches grades 3 - 8.


What is the student to teacher ratio at each Washington School for Girls campuses?

At The VIEW Campus (elementary school) offers a low student-teacher ratio of 12:1.

At THEARC Campus (middle school) offers a low student-teacher ratio of 13:1


What is Washington School for Girls (WSG) uniform policy?

All students are required to wear the Washington School for Girls uniform. Our uniform vendor is Risse Brothers located at 9700 Martin Luther King, Jr Hwy B, Lanham MD 20706.


At what grade does WSG begin teaching a foreign language?

Washington School for Girls students begin learning Spanish in 6th Grade and will continue until the end of 8th Grade.  


Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

Absolutely! WSG has a great sense of community at our school and there are a number of ways for parents to get involved. Parents are invited to social events, community building events, student-centered activities, parent workshops, volunteering, and joining our Family Engagement Action Team.


How does WSG prepare students for high school success?

Washington School for Girls is unique in that we have a Graduate Support program that supports the preparation for high school starting in the 7th Grade. Our Director of Graduate Support and Graduate Support Assistant teach high school preparatory courses, in addition to scheduling high school shadow days to gauge interest in attending quality public charter and private schools in the DC Metropolitan area based on their student profile.

Applying to WSG


How do I apply to the Washington School for Girls?

Please refer to the Admissions page to begin the application process.


Do I have to be Catholic to apply to the Washington School for Girls?

No. WSG operates with an ecumenical approach and we welcome all faiths. Our school community is built upon and committed to providing an inclusive education in the Catholic tradition.  


What does Washington School for Girls look for in a prospective student?

We are looking for kind, courageous, and community-minded students of demonstrated motivation and ability who will contribute to WSG beyond just the classroom. Like many independent private schools, WSG looks for students whose academic records show potential for success in our rigorous program. In addition, we look for students and families who have a passion for learning and/or perhaps have demonstrated leadership skills or a commitment to helping others. Teacher recommendations, essays, and interviews with the family give us a better picture of the whole student. There is no exact science to the admissions process, and we will consider each student’s unique educational experiences and circumstances. We encourage all interested families to apply.


What is the cost of tuition at WSG?

All students receive a tuition scholarship worth $18,000 per year. Parents are required to pay a $350 enrollment fee. During the student’s 8th Grade year, parents are required to pay a $100 graduate fee.


What is the deadline for submitting an application?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please contact us directly to find out if we have space available for a current-year transfer. 


What if my child is promoting to the 8th Grade, can she still apply?

Unfortunately, 7th Grade is the last year a student can be eligible for acceptance to WSG.


Do you offer visiting days?

Personalized tours are also available upon request.  

Does WSG require specific testing for admission?

All prospective students are required to schedule testing when applying to attend WSG. Once you have submitted your full application and supplemental documents, you will be able to schedule a Shadow Day and testing. All required forms must be submitted prior to scheduling testing for admissions.