September 28, 2016


Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Supporters of WSG,


I am writing to share with you that the 2016-2017 academic year will be my last year as President and Head of School at The Washington School for Girls. I have made this decision with much prayer and reflection and I am grateful for the many miraculous moments and the grace-filled growth that the School has experienced since its beginnings as an afterschool program in 1997. I am grateful for all of you.


Part of leadership is ensuring a smooth path for succession, and I believe this is the right time for transition to new leadership, with new energy and vision that will guide the School and its mission for many years to come.  As we approach the 20th anniversary of the founding of the School, I am somewhat in awe of what we have built together. The School is stronger than it has ever been -- in its program, its faculty, its staff, its governance, and its finances. The School has an outstanding leadership team who demonstrate each day a profound commitment to the mission and future of WSG. I am confident that the WSG is well positioned for the next twenty years with ever greater enthusiasm and joy – and in the Spirit of Courageous Women!


As I leave this position I am also grateful for all the ways the journey of the founding and the development of the School has become part of who I am and has shaped me personally. I have not yet made plans for my own future, but will work closely with my religious community to discern where I may be needed. During the coming year I will work with our Board of Trustees and School leadership to assure an effective transition, and will continue to devote myself daily to the WSG. The Board has established a Search Committee with the expectation of having new leadership in place by the beginning of school year 2017 - 2018.


I thank each and every one of you for your support, knowing that our mission to provide quality, faith based education to young girls is far from finished.


In the Spirit of Courageous Women,


Sister Mary Bourdon, RJM

President and Head of School

September 28, 2016 


Dear Members of the WSG Community,


Today Sister Mary Bourdon announced her intention to step down as President and Head of School at the end of this school year at the Washington School for Girls.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees of WSG, I want to express my deep gratitude and respect for Sister Mary’s leadership of WSG and service to its mission for the past 19 years.  


Sister Mary is a truly courageous woman who has touched the lives of several hundreds of students, graduates, and families since co-founding the Washington School for Girls in 1997. During her tenure, Sister Mary has overseen the school’s growth from a small after school program to a full academic educational institution on two campuses with six grades and 140 students. Throughout all of the expansion and growth, Sister Mary has kept our community rooted in its mission:  to serve, empower, and educate young women. 


While it is hard to imagine the Washington School for Girls without Sister Mary at the helm, her thoughtful leadership over the past 19 years has ensured that the school can continue in its mission for many years to come.  Thanks to Sister Mary, our program is strong, our finances are solid, we continue to attract and retain top teaching talent, and we have the support of great partners, donors and friends. She has assembled a competent and compassionate team of administrators who are well-prepared to propel the School forward in years to come.  Sister Mary’s legacy will live on in the School, its students, families, teachers and staff, and in all who have been touched by our mission.  


In preparation for Sister Mary’s departure next summer, the Board of Trustees has formed a Search Committee led by Board Member and Development Committee Chair Maureen McCarty.  This committee will be comprised of stakeholders in our community and will work to find the next visionary President of WSG. Meanwhile, Sister Mary will continue to manage the operations of the school and help the Board and staff prepare for a smooth transition of leadership. 


In the spirit of courageous women, I thank Sister Mary for her service and for creating this amazing school. I am so proud to be a part of it. The Board will continue to communicate with our WSG community and friends as we conduct our search for a new president and as we explore the best way to celebrate Sister Mary’s innumerable contributions to the Washington School for Girls.




Pamela S. Johnson

Chair, Board of Trustees