Equity Statement

We believe that students of all backgrounds deserve to be challenged, supported, and inspired in school; but educational equity is not yet a reality for Black and Brown girls. They urgently need schools that believe in their gifts, talents, and potential, and are designed specifically for their success. For over 20 years, WSG has been steadfast in our commitment to racial and gender equity. 


To live up to our values, we pledge:

  • To celebrate our students for their achievements and aspirations, rather than define them by society’s failure to support them

  • To challenge them, rather than practice the racism of low expectations

  • To design and deliver teaching and learning that is culturally responsive, and accurately depicts the presence and contributions of Black and Brown people in our society

  • To engage ourselves personally and professionally in continuous learning about equity

  • To engage our partners and stakeholders in equity conversations to share our knowledge and contribute to progress in our broader community.

  • To ensure that our students regularly see and engage with adults who look like them in a variety of positions both within the school and within our community of stakeholders.


From admissions to graduate support, our programs are intentionally designed to combat the inequity our students and families experience elsewhere. When making a decision, we interrogate it through the lens of equity: is student enrollment accessible for a guardian who is unfamiliar with a private school admissions process? Are family engagement opportunities flexible and abundant for parents with challenging and unpredictable work schedules? Do disciplinary actions remove students from the classroom unnecessarily, taking away opportunity for academic growth? Does our language as a school community reinforce or challenge racial and gender stereotypes? Do students have the opportunity to experience various world-views and perspectives beyond their community? 


While WSG is an affirming community for our students, we can only do so much to prepare students for an inequitable world. We rely on our friends and partners to do their part to eradicate injustice and racism in our larger community, to make the world a better place for our students.