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Tour Day - November 20, 2021

While WSG is not able to host visitors during our regular school day due to capacity limitations and COVID-19 health protocols, we are opening our doors for campus tours with the WSG Development staff. We kindly ask that all guests wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. The tour will include a general overview of WSG’s programs (perfect for those new to WSG) as well as updates on how we have adapted our in-person programming in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The Fathers of Daughters Club's 10th Anniversary Event

November 11, 2021 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at the Washington Golf & Country Club

The Fathers of Daughters Club of Washington, DC was founded in 2011 and is a Washington, DC based fraternal organization formed to bring fathers of daughters together to celebrate their daughters, recognize the unique role that fathers play in their daughters’ lives, support young girls in the community, and to pursue these endeavors in the spirit of fellowship and good will. The Fathers of Daughters Club was founded to foster social connections and shared philanthropic efforts among men with daughters.

The Father of Daughters Club invites you to its 10th Anniversary Event.