Graduate Support

The Washington School for Girls is committed to helping each student pursue the education she needs to achieve her goals. For almost all of our students, that means at least a high school diploma. Through a comprehensive Graduate Support program, WSG helps students as they continue on to high school, college and beyond.


The Graduate Support team begins this journey by guiding each student and her family through the high school application process, ensuring that each student attends a high school where she can be successful. Through mock admissions interviews, preparing for the High School Placement exam, navigating financial aid and charter lottery forms, and reflection on individual needs, each student 

and her family have the ability to make a thoughtful choice about where she will attend high school. 


Once a student completes middle school at WSG, the Graduate Support team maintains frequent contact and offers support for as long as the student needs. Graduates know that WSG will be there for them as they face challenges associated with their increasingly complicated lives. Through open communication between WSG, the graduate, and the graduate's family and current school administration, problems can be resolved before they create a lasting impact. Students learn to advocate for what they need, how to find resources that will help them succeed, and receive continued encouragement as they navigate through their education.


As a result of this extra support, WSG graduates complete high school at a rate of 98%, which is an exceptional accomplishment in a neighborhood where less than 50% of their peers earn a high school diploma.