The Washington School for Girls is committed to helping each student pursue the education she needs to achieve her goals. For almost all of our students, that means at least a high school diploma. Through a comprehensive Graduate Support program, WSG helps students as they continue on to high school, college and beyond.

"Education is the passport for the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." -Malcolm X

Dear WSG Alumnae,

I would like to congratulate those of you who recently graduated from middle school, high school, and college. It is at this point that you continue to transform from graduate to alumna. As you continue on your journey, remember the Core Values of WSG and allow them to guide you and align your social, emotional, and spiritual growth. 

Although you have graduated from WSG, the department of Graduate Support is committed to the school's mission, closing the educational gap and broadening educational opportunities. As a result, we are still here to support your academic endeavors and dedicated to your success. 


Once again, congratulations; and we look forward to you joining us for the many events we will hold throughout the year. If you have suggestions for alumnae events or ideas for improving communication, please let us know, contact the Graduate Support Office at or 202-678-1113 ext.104. 

P.S. Please be sure to keep Graduate Support updated with your contact information so we can keep you informed of the many exciting events and programs organized for you. 

In the Spirit, 

Ms. Erin L. Martin

Director of Graduate Support