Math Activities: Grades 3-8

Math is all around us! Practicing math outside of school can help your daughter improve her skills.  You can find activities, worksheets, and reading guides here that will help you get started!




Interactive Math Activities:




The following videos and activities will be helpful tools to encourage math practice outside of school. Click on the links and explore!


3rd Grade:



Suggested Activities:

  • Go Grocery Shopping: Have your daughter calculate the cost of items as you go.

  • Budgeting/Grocery Shopping: Go to Giant/Safeway online to make a grocery list. It will be the student’s responsibility with parent to devise a shopping list within the allotted amount of the family budget. Student is responsible for tabulating the bill, negotiating cost as well as including taxes.


  • Practice budgeting and calculating discounts during other shopping adventures

  • Playing BINGO: Teach students how to learn their Multiplication Tables and Division Tables by making homemade cards with students or, if you want it to be more interactive, use sidewalk chalk in which they had to jump into the card.

*This Game can also be used with fractions, placement values, and shapes. Any skill you can think of!

  • Cook together: Using measurements helps your daughter practice fractions and other core math skills.




4th Grade



5th Grade



6th Grade



7th Grade



8th Grade



Middle School & High School