Our Pedagogy

The method and practice of teaching; how teachers teach in both theory and practice


Washington School for Girls is a Catholic school.  We believe that every child has the capacity to learn and grow.    


WSG's curriculum develops young female leaders by encouraging students’ voices and recognizing the individual gifts, talents and potential of each student. Our curriculum is faith-based, individualized and culturally responsive. We value experiential and inquiry-based learning and seek to instill a commitment within our students to service to the greater community and world. 


We adapt to the individual needs of each student by using instructional design that encourages flexible grouping and opportunities for increased support as needed.  Assessments are tools used to gather data to measure student growth and most importantly, inform future instruction.  We prefer the use of differentiated assessments because they encourage students to show what they know.


We believe that education is a shared responsibility; teachers, staff, families, community partners, and the student herself all play a key role in ensuring learning and growth. Our student centered culture is responsive to the social-emotional growth of each student. We use positive behavior management systems with a goal of creating young women who are able to make positive decisions for themselves. We challenge all students to take responsibility, persevere in the face of adversity and demonstrate personal growth.