Back to School: School Supply List

School is just around the corner! Be sure that your student has what she needs to start the year. Please contact WSG if you have any questions regarding the School Supply List.

School Supply List 2014-2015 School Year

Five 1-subject notebooks

Seven 3-subject notebooks

One 2-pocket folder

One 2” binder with pocket (THEARC students only)

A supply of black pens

A box of #2 pencils (regular or mechanical)

Two highlighters

Glue sticks

4 fabric book covers

One of each of the following:

Marble composition book

Colored Pencils



Set of Ruled Index Cards

Pencil Case

Pencil Sharpener



Construction and Colored Paper (for special projects)

Personal Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

Personal Size Stapler with Staples

Suggested but not required:

Hole Puncher

Personal Size Stapler with Staples

*Many subjects require new supplies at the beginning of each quarter or semester. It would be best to purchase all supplies now to get the beginning of school savings and so that your student will always be prepared. Notebooks can be stored at school so that they are not misplaced.