Sr. Mary Featured on "Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life"

Listen to the full show: Click Here

On March 17, Sr. Mary was the guest on "Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life" hosted by Kate Ebner of The Nebo Company and aired via VoiceAmerica.

During the hour-long program, Sr. Mary and Ms. Ebner talked about the history and mission of the school and its current success, and spoke with a current student and her mother about the school.

The show can be streamed on VoiceAmerica's website, or can be downloaded as a podcast viaiTunes.

The show is broken into four segments:

0:00-13:00 Sr. Mary and Ms. Ebner talk about the history of WSG, the neighborhood and composition of students, and Sr. Mary's life experiences. Sr. Mary reflects on the idea inspired by Claudine Thevenet, who founded the Religious of Jesus and Mary, that "the single most important intervention is education."

15:40-28:50 Current student Minxia and her mother talk about their experience at WSG. Minxia shares that she tries "not to focus on the things that might go wrong, just focus on the things that might go right."

31:55-42:45 Sr. Mary describes how WSG recruits students, who the students are, and talks about what she thinks makes a quality school.

45:20-56:00 Sr. Mary discusses her vision for the future of the school and the students, explains why she and the founders decided to follow an all-girls model. Sr. Mary also discusses the Graduate Support Program.