Student-Led Conferences and Schedule Information

Dear WSG Families,

I hope everyone stayed safe and warm throughout this historic snowstorm! I have received a number of inquiries over the last few days regarding the need to make up snow days. At this time, WSG will not change its calendar due to the snow days. We do, however, have many more weeks of winter ahead, and we may need to re-assess if there are more cancellations. We may also recommend out of school time enrichment and academic opportunities for our students, including Saturday school and an upcoming Spring Break Camp.

Our student-led conferences in grades 4 through 8 and parent conferences in grade 3 will continue as planned next Friday, February 5, 2016. Students will not have school but we expect that all families and students will participate in this engagement event. Your student’s advisor/teacher will be in touch with you over the next two days to schedule an appointment. Each of our girls will be working closely with her advisor and teachers next week to prepare her presentation. The student-led conference practice is a staple of our program at WSG and we look forward to your participation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s advisor, Ms. Lockard or Ms. Wetzel.

In the Spirit of Courageous Women,

Brianne Wetzel



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