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Summer is a wonderful time to connect with friends, relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can do all of those things while READING! Reading during the summer is the absolute best way to prepare for the next grade at the end of August.

You can break out a book during long metro or car rides, in bed, when you’re waiting for a friend, at the pool…anywhere! Once you start the right book, you will find that you won’t want to stop.

While you should read as much as you can, WSG does have certain requirements for summer. Click here to download the booklist and complete instructions.


Write two reports, one for each book:

  • A fiction book from your grade’s list (or a grade above)

  • A nonfiction book from your grade (or a grade above or below)


Both reports absolutely must be submitted by your re-enrollment interview with your advisor in August.


Click here to download the booklist and complete instructions.

Contact Ms. Furey or Ms. Lockard if you have questions about the summer reading requirements.


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