Reading Activities: Grades 3-6

Engaging with reading outside of school is a great way to help your daughter build literacy skills. You can find activities, worksheets, and reading guides here that will help you get started!




Suggested Apps:





Read E-Stories:



Asking questions helps your daughter think about what she has read and increases comprehension. Here are some sample guiding questions for reading comprehension:

What is the story about?

Name the characters?

What’s going on in the story?

Which Character is your favorite and why?

What do you think is going to happen next in the story?



Watch this video for tips and strategies for parents to support reading comprehension:



Watch this video for parenting strategies specifically for struggling readers:



Help your daughter find a Book Buddy, or become hers. These activities bring reading alive:



Reading and writing is most fun when the topic is something that you care about. Consider taking your daughter on a Field Trip or participating in a community activity together. Then, help her write a field trip report. These resources will get you started: