Students and Families

Welcome Families!


Thank you for entrusting your daughter to us. Our goal is to collaborate with you and your daughter to help her achieve her goals. 


We will communicate regularly with you throughout the year, by sending home weekly "Communication Folders" on Wednesdays, hosting regular "Report Card Pick-Up Nights", and through the online ParentPlus Portal. Your daughter will also be assigned an advisor who will be a key advocate for your family. 


We also encourage you to be an active participant in your daughter's education by attending school events, monitoring her progress, and communicating openly with WSG teachers and staff. 


In the spirit of courageous women, let us have a blessed school year!

-Deanna McCall 

Family Relations Coordinator

General Information
School Fee

The cost per student at WSG is approximately $18,000 per year. The Development Office works hard to seek funding from numerous foundations and generous individuals who provide scholarships for WSG students. All families must pay $30.00 per month towards this amount of $350.00 per academic year. The monthly fee is due by the 5th of every month. A late fee of $5.00 will be assessed after the 5th, making the amount due $30.00. Families with multiple students in the school will pay according to the following sliding fee:


1 student - $350 Annually
2 students - $580 Annually
3 students - $690 Annually
4+ students - $800 Annually 


8th grade students owe an additional $100 fee for their high school prep and graduation materials. In order to streamline our fees, WSG has adjusted the annual fee to a flat rate. Families will no longer pay additional supply or technology fees. The only additional fee currently is the 8th grade Graduation Fee. When WSG resumes in-person instruction, special field trip fees may still be issued. 


In all cases, parents/guardians are expected to pay a monthly fee of $30.00, and to provide the complete school uniform. 


During the school year, students may be asked to contribute toward the cost of some extracurricular activities such as field trips, educational and book supplies, and school celebrations. These costs will be made known through the weekly Communication Folders.


Any requests for exceptions to the above or for deferred payments must be made to Principal, Vice Principal, or Director of Finance and Operations. 

Weather Policy

In all cases, please refer to the Prince George’s County Public School System for information on whether WSG will be open. WSG follows Prince George’s County weather decisions. However, if the situation presents that WSG is in session and Prince George’s County schools are not, we will make an independent decision and communicate to our community through our regular communication channels. In this case, faculty, staff and students are not expected to report.


When there is a weather early dismissal, the Extended Day activities are cancelled. This is to be sure that students can get home before conditions worsen.


For school updates:

Radio Stations:                                              TV Stations:

            WPGC- 95.5                                        NBC-4

            WKYS- 93.9                                         ABC-7

            WTOP- 103.5                                      CBS-WUSA-9


School Closing Hotline:

            (301) 952-6000 – listen to options; select school status report



DC One Card

DC Residents are eligible for transit subsidy through the DC One Card program. The DC One Card enables students to ride the Metro Bus for free. 

You can find full instructions here:

Because WSG is a private school, you must complete the online application and then apply in person at a DC One Card service location. 

Minors under age 18 must apply in person with a parent, legal guardian or Agent of the State.  Parents/Guardians/Agents must present proof of their own identity and present one of the following valid and original documents (must include minor’s date of birth) to provide evidence of their relationship to the minor applicant. 


-Minor’s Birth Certificate with parent name

-Adoption Decree with adopting parent name

-Court Order establishing custody of minor

-Ward of State Letter for Minors from Government Agencies

You may call the DC One Card Helpline at (202) 727-6030.